Art, T-Shirts and Chopped Heads

Categories: Fashion, Illustrations, Visual Art By Francesco Bassetti

antonio colomboni art

Visual designer, illustrator and art director Antonio Colomboni, has started his own brand of T-shirts that bring together a mix of fun and character in their unique designs. Ranging from Amy Winehouse, pictured below, to the likes of Morrissey these shirts are simple, funny and well designed. If you follow Antonio on Facebook you will come acroos a page that is filled with artistic gems, a good dose of humour and lots of interesting design ideas. His designs for T-shirts are an excellent example of this.

chopped heads-amy winehouse chopped head-amy winehouse chopped head shirt-amy winehouse shirt-chopped head t shirt

Not only is Antonio’s Facebook a source of interesting material, but his website is even more inspiring. Here you can find a collection of his artwork that is sure to please for its mixture of originality and great use of colours (such as the cover image for this article). We are lucky to have his art work sold as merchandise and printed on T-shirts, as the friendly spirit of this artist can now be broadcasted to the world from your chest!

Make sure you visit his shop on Blomming