Art and Sales according to Pao Pao

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Design By Valentina Sangiovanni

Pao-Street-ArtistWe are often used to talking about art as something exclusive, destined for a privileged few, but fortunately there are those that do not view art in this way, such as Pao. Because the times are changing, art and communication has changed, and inevitably the attitude of society towards art has also changed, and viceversa.

Street art with all its colours, strong visual messages and imposing impact have already gained the respect of international critics as interest continues to grow. Art is moving out of museums and walking the streets; arriving to our houses and on our houses, bringing with it creativity, talent, mood and a new perspective on things.

Tazza-Pinguino-PaoOne of the major representatives of Italian street art is Pao, born in Milan in 1977. Working in theaters with big names such as  Dario Fo e Franca Rame, Pao was involved in workshops at the Teatro alla Scala di Milano and in 2000 started experimenting with street art. In 2005 he estabished Paopao Studio and in a short space of times opened collaborations with many companies, working in the world of design, web design and merchandise.


In 2007 things change, Pao exhibits at the PAC a famous italian platform for contemporary art, with his exhibition  “Street Art Sweet Art” with interest in his creations growing hugely. His most famous creations are the penguin cement blocks, a recurring theme and trade mark of Pao. You can find them on mugs, shopping bags, USB keys or paintings.Magneti-da-Frigo-Pao

To get to know more about this artist visit his  Facebook page where you will also find his Blomming shop. Happy Blomming.