Apps for Creative Minds

Categories: Smart Ideas By Severine Kaiser


Where do you get your inspiration from? Usually, new ideas are emerging when you expect them the least. During a subway ride,  passing by some shops or simply while sitting on a bench in a park, to name a few. Then, you are taking your notebook and writing or drawing your brand new idea. If you own a tablet, we have great news for you. Let your ideas become a bit more real within few minutes. There are more and more apps, also created specially for creative people.

It all depends on what you’re looking for. You want your pictures to be interactive? Or share videos? Or maybe you just want to modify your content? In any case, there is an App designed for it.

Here some of our favorite ones.

If you’re getting inspired by some place and take a photo of it, The App Composite can be helpful now. You can paint on the Ipad using the Webcam, choosing which parts of the picture you want and with different tools. Draw in live!

Sometimes, you think you’re taking a beautiful photo, and then you notice an unknown guy has ruined it. For these kind of cases, the Scalado Remove App is the perfect solution. It automatically routes unwanted sujects in a photo and you just have to click on those who have to be removed, as showed in this video.

Are you in a meeting with a client and want to show him easily your products? Just take your Ipad and download the Kraams Sales App, it makes the presenting in a quick and effective way, without having a perfect organization. Here an example.

The Blog Design App from is perfect if you’re not that tech-savvy but still want a Blog that looks professional and linked with your Social media accounts. Seems easy, and it IS easy. Besides that, it allows also a quick handling and the result is really astounding!

For the Retro-lovers there, here is a funny and entertaining App called Silent Film which allows you to create short black and white movies with titles in retro-format (as seen… in silent movies, right!). Highly enjoyable and original for the amateur regisseurs among us. It could look like this.


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