A Stroll Through the Beauty and Tastiness of Portugal

Categories: Food & Wine By Michela Secci

 portugal-acesta food from portugal-hampers from portugalToday Blomming’s Blog has been swept up by a wonderful Lusitanian breeze. From the streets of Portugal we are happy to introduce you to a company that has just joined Blomming choosing to   share with us the tastes and smells of this beautiful country: a Cesta.

Many of us may already be in love with this country, basking in the sweetness of the  vinho do Porto, admiring their rio and getting lost round the streets of the Cidade Alta de Lisboa tasting the famous pasteis de nata. So many memories, so many smells…

acesta-food from portugal-food market portugal

Now, a Cesta, is helping us discover new, creative revisitations of these traditional tastes and helping us to discover Portugal itself. A Cesta brings to our tables many products and those characteristic tastes of the land of Aletejo: traditional patè such as that made from olives, tomatoes or unexpected tastes such as pumpkin jam which is great with the classical cheeses and oil that is produced on their lands, which are full of sun and rustled by the oceanic breeze. And then more wine, liquor, sweets and thousands fo other treats. Sweet and salty moments of tasty pleasure.

acesta food and wine

Well, there is more, a Cesta has decided to gift products that are great for the body, creating their own line of natural body products that will bring us under the sun of Sintra. The oldest of soaps made from donkey milk and other variations; such as cinnamon, amber … and much more.

Obviously a Cesta leaves nothing to chance, the wonderful present packaging and attention to all details makes these perfect presents for friends and family.

What more to say? Make sure you visit their Blomming shop, and follow their Facebook fanpage!