Alternative, Cool and… Horror!

Categories: Accessories, Fashion By Francesco Bassetti

bats and billy- sailor dress

Bats and Billy are a new addition to Blomming. Although you may or may not like their very particular style they are definitely good at what they do. Their Horror themed clothing is original, well made and sure to set you apart from the crowd. Their products range from shoes and flip-flops to sweaters and dresses.

flip flops-horror flips flops-bone flip flops


The Horror theme isn’t just confined to the Halloween period, but is a look that you can adopt any day of the year. The above flip flops are a testimony to this, as are the nicely decorated sandals below:

horror sandals

If you visit their Facebook page you will find many of these illustrations that are a mixture of Mexican, pin-up style art with a gothic twist, that create their very particular ‘Horror’ style. Furthermore, you will find lists of concerts and events that are reminiscent of this quasi Gothic trend. Bats and Billy is therefore an excellent example of how a Shop can dedicate itself to a niche style and create a following around it that varies from art and events to the very products that they sell.

bats and billy concert-gothic pinup art

Wether this particular shop is to your liking or not, they are a very good example of how to create an image and following on Facebook and then sell this image to their following through Blomming.

Hats off to Bats and Billy!