All your Blomming Shop Data, thanks to Google Analytics

Categories: Blomming News, Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni

Google-Analytics-on-Blomming-ShopA great way to improve your Blomming shop’s performances is having access to the traffic data that arrive in your shop. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can get tons of information about your visitors: how many they are, where they come from, if the visits convert (if they end up in a sale or not), percentage of conversion, etc. Installing Google Analytics on your Blomming shop is very easy, you need just a couple of minutes and you’ll never lose any info, again!

At the beginning you may be caught unprepared from howmuch powerful this tool is, but don’t panic: it’s just data, and positive or negative, use them as mere way to measure your progresses! Maybe, you notice there are a lot of people visiting your shop, but just few of them end up in sales: try to adjust the prices or to improve your descriptions! Or maybe you see a high conversion percentage, but you have less visitors than what you expect: promote your shop a bit more! The best way to use Google Analytics is comparing the improvements time by time, consider doing some tests to see how your customers react: just try out!

Installing Google Analytics on your Blomming shop, it’s just few clicks away: follow the instructions below.



If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you should create one: go here and click on the top right bottom – Create an Account. Fill up the form, accept the Terms and Conditions, then click on Get Tracking ID. At this point, access your Blomming account, go to Settings, then Shop Settings and paste the Tracking ID in the Google Analytics field. Save the settings.


For a quick view of your interesting data, we have prepared for you this dashboard:, by clicking here you can select your Analytics account and gain instant access to all your data. Of course the info you see come from all your shops: the one on Blomming, the one on your website or blog, and the one from your Facebook page. 

Hereafter to access your data you should go to, click on Access Google Analytics and choose the e-mail address linked to your account.


In this way managing your Blomming shop will be even more enjoyable, beside functional, and you can understand easily how to improve the performance of your Blomming shop.