A Japanese Corner, right from… Spain

Categories: Handmade, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Home Decor By Valentina Sangiovanni

Sakura-BurgosIf you like Japanese food, you would have probably heard the word Sakura used in tons of menus. It’s a very poetic and evocative term that recall the moment when “all the flowers blossom, in spring“. Isn’t it amazing? We are talking about it, to introduce a stunning new Blomming shop coming from Spain, called Sakura Burgos… 

where Burgos is a town in Northern Spain: now, all the presentations are done!

Aromatherapy-Sakura-BurgosFar from being just an online shop, Sakura Burgos is a store in the center of the same name city and, since long time now, is taking care about natural wellness products. There you can find a lot of different items, ranging from bio cosmetic, an endless selection of teas and or herbal teas, aromatheraphy’s products and even hand-crafted items from Japan.


The product you’ll find in Sakura Burgos‘s shop are really a lot, but easily divided into collections: so it’s simple to find out what you are looking for. The cosmetics are absolutely natural and NOT tested on animals  – daily creams, face masks, body oils, hand soaps – while in the tea section you’ll find many different flavors: green tea, black, white, blue or several fruit teas as apple, strawberry, banana and many others.

Set-Tea-Cerimony-Sakura-BurgosGreat importance is reserved to the tea ceremony, as well: you’ll find whatever you need to prepare a cup of tea in the traditional, ancient way: box to conserve the leaf, lots of teapots – in different shapes, materials, patterns – and every kind of cup you can imagine.


Also the classical lucky charm are available in the Sakura Burgos’s Shop. You can find the male verions, Ukido Ninja, small soldiers that represent the qualities and values of the warrior, as courage, loyalty, patience, bravery and sincerity, while, of course, the female version – Kimmidoll - are more delicate and adorable, and they point out at love, creativity, joy, gentleness and purity.


To read more about Sakura Burgos you can visit their website, where you can also buy all of their products, or the Facebook page Sakura Burgos.