How To Create A DIY Hanging Decoration With Feathers

Categories: Home Decor, Tutorials By Maria Marinelli

My passion for mobiles - aka hanging decorations - knows no limits and it is greatly shared around the world wide web. There is something about mobiles that makes them the perfect complement for any house (or at least for my not-very-posh-looking flat in London). And there definitely is something about this one that makes it my most favorite mobile (so far, at least – future holds plenty of surprises).

It is modern, stylish and fashionable. If that was not enough, it’s made of feathers which is definitely a plus. The earthy colors remind me of autumn (my favorite season color wise) and that touch of gold gives it that shiny twist which is oh-so-glamorous. Pop over Needle and Nest Design where the uber-talented Mel shared this beautiful tutorial.

I can’t wait to try!