A Clear View From the Sky

Categories: Inspirational, Photography, Visual Art By Francesco Bassetti

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Gwen Velge is an emerging photographer based in Australia, who unites his passion for paragliding with an amazing talent for capturing unique moments through the eye of a lens. This combination results in the portraying of aerial scenery the likes of which you have never seen before. With a propellor mounted on his back-pack (shown below) Gwen is able to move around in the sky and find the ideal angle from which to take his compelling pictures.

His book, on sale on Blomming, is a collection of aerial photographs of Western Australia from a completely new and suggestive perspective, that cause the observer to challenge his conception of landscape.

aerial photograph-australia aerial photo-paraglide photo-red landscapeGwen’s skills as a photographer are not only confined to landscapes from above, but also include sports photography as well as capturing anything that attracts his attention and he finds worthy of being immortalized. Visit his website where you will find a complete collection of his intriguing work.

paraglide photo-aerial photo-surfer photo from above

And if you enjoyed these images, know that they are countless times better as seen printed in his book; ‘Inhabited: a clear view from the sky.’