7 Free Tools to Improve your Online Presence… and Sell More!

Categories: Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni


Few weeks ago we talked about the modifications done to the Facebook Edgerank and what these changements have meant for pages administrators. It seems like the only way to share efficiently will be toward payment, as for the promoted post. To manage this difficult situation we would like to introduce you 8 free tools to improve your online presence… and sell more!

Let’s start with a very famous tool that probably many of you already know: Google Trends. As you can imagine this will help you understand which are the most searched terms, in which country or area, and you can ever compare different words or keywords. It’s very useful when you’re writing titles, the one related to the products on sale, but also for your blog posts’ title.

Open Site Explorer is a website that find your backlinks. If you are curious about which websites have linked your site or blog this tool is right for you. It’s even very useful to check your competitors or to establish new relationships with other blogs administrators, with whom you may share common topics. With Open Site Explorer you can compare 5 different websites at once.


Quicksprout analyzes your website and then gives you useful suggestions to improve it, from different point of view like SEO, metadata, etc. You’ll also have the opportunity to check your social network performances or compare your website results with your competitors ones.


Do you know when you realize your website is offline but you don’t know if it’s a real server problem or if that’s happening just to you? This website will solve this problem completely. Its name is Down For Everyone Or Just Me and you just need to write your website URL and you’ll get all the answers.


Conversion Store can check your Facebook page popularity, studying your relationships with you fans, your behaviour with them, number of likes received and many other useful data that will help you understand how appreciated your page is.


LikeAlyzer is pretty similar to Conversion Store and studies your Facebook page popularity but, in addition to that, can also gives you great suggestions on how to improve it, studying the relationships with your fans, posts timing and posts kind.


To end our list we choose a tool to check you Twitter popularity: Tweriod. After you log in with your account, you can check your statistics, which are focused on the tweets that have created more engagement. In this way you’ll know what is the ideal time to tweet in order to reach the largest possible audience.