Online Sales: 5 Great Tips to have Happy Customer… and keep them Happy

Categories: Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni

5-tips-for-happy-customers The internet has really changed the way we shop. Competition is high, both online and offline, why someone should choose your items? Together with prices and products’ uniqueness, there is another very important element that can make a difference: customer care!

Several studies and researches shows that “yes, customers are willing to pay a higher price if the service is really excellent!” But how can you offer better services than your competitors? Simple, really taking care of your customers, or future ones, and always trying to give them a great shopping experience: something that surprise them and “stick the name of your shop” in their mind!

Free Gadgets

Several years ago in the USA a curious point, pretty famous amongst restaurants’ workers, has been studied: if the waiter, together with bill, used to leave on the customer’s table a couple of candy mint he/she would receive a 20% more tips, compared to the times he/she used to leave just the check. This is just a simple, yet remarkable, example of how the “exchange” is a very strong¬†psychological “trick”, that can surprise your customers and convince them to come back!


Always say Thanks

If you can’t afford gadget, perhaps the purchased item has a limited price, you can for sure afford a Thanks! Technology today allow us to have easy access to lots of tools, most of which free: e-mail, social networks’ messagges, or even phone if you are really close to the buyer. Just try, a couple of days after the items’ shipping, to send thanks notes to the people who decided to choose your shop: they’ll be thrilled!

Follow who buys from you

Well, I’m not saying you should stalker or being stressful with people who have bought from your shop! But, sometimes it can be nice to ask them how things are going with the item they bought from you. Thinks about it: if you are selling beginners’ kits, patterns, tutorials or courses, checking and asking about buyers’ progresses, it’s a great way to show that you’re interested and care about them.

Also in case of long negotiation before the real purchase that is, when there are lots of messagges between you and the buyer because he/she isn’t certain on two feet, be sure that your product is really¬†appreciated and, in case it’s not, tell them you are willing to offer a replacement or to refund the cost. The possibility the same customer come back are really high!


Be involved with their needs

You should try to anticipate your buyers’ needs and doubts even before they come out. If in example, someone asks about an adjustment (color), tell them all the adjustments available (material, size, shape or style). If they tell you, the item they are thinking to buy from you will be a gift for someone else, propose to personally arrange a nice gift package for them: it’s just a small offer but for sure it’ll be appreciated!

Beyond the showcase

Try to establish real relationships with your customers will greatly increase your shop’s performance and, in addition to that, it will assure you a group of loyal customers. But how to keep customers and even convince them to come back?


Offering additional and complementary services is a smart answer to our question! Your products are already for sale, what to offer more? Guides, tutorials, free stuff to download, advices, solutions or even just inspirations. Resources, even in this cases, are endless and will be up to you to choose what’s the best way that fits your community: blogs, social networks, webinars, videos, pics guides. In the end, is how to choose a grocery store rather than another, because one of the clerks gives great suggestions about dishes idea and recipes!