5 Simple Tips To Recover Your Skin After Summer

Categories: Health & Beauty By Laís Fulgencio

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Summer always leaves marks in our life and spend all day in the sun at the beach or swimming-pool is a delight but beyond the pleasant memories, but our skin ends up suffering and left dry, peeled and with spots .   So, besides the fundamental use of sunscreen it is important to take care of skin after sun,take appropriate action to keep it moisturized and healthy. To help you out in this mission we bring you here 5 simple  tips that will help your skin always look beautiful after tanning.

1- Take a cold shower:
It closes the pores and prevents the skin to became to much oily, and also it has soothing effect on the skin.

2- Attention to the soap:
Always use soap more suitable for your skin type. You can discover it by asking to your dermatologist.

3- Hydration is essential:
Hydrate your skin always after showering, because the skin is still damp and so it absorbs better the moisturizing properties of the cream. For dry or sensitive skin the best treatments are rich in soothing substances, on the other hand for normal skins it is better a light cream that would restore softness to the skin without making it greasy, for mixed or oily skins it should be used a cream that is not too nourishing, balancing and soothing, without oils, that is purifying and astringent.


4- Say No to Oils:
Do not use oils during the summer, they are more suitable in colder seasons.

5- Drink Water:
This hydration should be made with cream but also by hydrating yourself so never forget to drink a lot of water, juices and teas.

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