5 Must Every Small (and Big) Company Should Check and Work On

Categories: Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni

5-must-every-company-should-check Many of the shops you’ll find on Blomming are solely owned by creative people who managed to make a work out of  their main passion – or at least they are trying to! Fashion designer, creative talent, designer, artist, artisan. People who work hard to turn themselves into community managers, graphic designers, photographers or copy writers to sell their creations online.  Here, dedicated especially to them, the 5 must that every company should check!

A multifaceted and creative business

Having different income forms is one of the main important pillars that allow us to maintain our activity.  Taking part in a flea market, beside just selling online. Selling e-book on your e-shop, writing for other blogs (as an expert in your field) or organizing paid courses, online through webinars of  even offline, are just few examples of different activities that can guarantee you other income forms, which will allow you to be on the market even tomorrow! collaboration-is-a-must

Collaborations are very important

If you are alone taking care of your activities, you’ll know for sure how challenging it could be: you have to make the items, photograph them, write good descriptions, be active on social networks, participate in exhibitions and flea markets… findind the time to do everything is not easy at all! Getting together with other artists and artisans, beside exposing your e-shop to more fans or followers, it’a a great way to save your time and energy! Try to get in contact and collaborate with others business (finding partnership with similar activities or even complementary to yours) and, in short time, you’ll see the great benefits the collaboration will bring.

Editorial Calendar

Many of the activities done to manage an e-shop are carried out online and, remembering everything is almost impossible, specially for the people who have no experience as a community manager. Try to find 5 minutes – or half an hour if it’s necessary – to organize your weekly schedule. In this way you won’t find yourself, on a Tuesday afternoon, without having an idea of what to publish. Maybe, for the most creative of us it’s not easy organizing a day which is not… today, but learning how to organize yourself is another step through the path of success!


Success need expiration date

We already talked about it here: deciding concrete goals and the time by we have to reach them, it’s necessary for every successful activities! Without a deadline, a target is just an idea. Design your goals on your personal situation and remember that a goal must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Relevant and Time-bounded.

Organization and stability

Usually, after an artist or a creative person has finished a big project he/she was working on, he/she likes to take a break. We start to look at our just-finished-work, we begin to photograph it, perhaps we discuss about it on some online forums… and meanwhile the clock is ticking.

Organizing also the artistic activities it’s very important! Always try to plan your next project on which you’ll work on, when you’ll finish with the current one.