2011: The Real Start For Social Commerce

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Blomming, the first Italian platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell through social networks, has completed its first year with great results. Over 45,000 creative products have been put on sale by an international community of more than 4,000 sellers, meeting the taste of the public who share their shopping experience with friends on Facebook, blogs 
and many other online points of presence.

We sell and buy Social

A great year for Blomming, the Social Commerce platform

Milan, Dec. 2011 – It is technology that must become closer to people, not the contrary. And e-commerce must become more personal, fun, unique: just like shopping with one’s friends. This philosophy inspired Blomming, a 100% Italian startup which has developed a one-of-a-kind e-commerce system that allows sales from websites, blogs and social networks, integrating different media in a single centralized account. The idea by which the seller’s digital identity is valorized and products become closer to their potential buyers has convinced over 4,000 sellers, about 50% of whom are also selling on Facebook.

“2011 has been the beginning of Social Commerce, and marked a turning point”, says Blomming founder Nicola Junior Vitto, “With millions of people on Facebook everyday, it is only natural that shopping habits move there. Our users like to buy online and chat about it with their friends on social networks. At the same time, companies are rapidly seizing the opportunity to sell online with new tools”. He continues, “We noticed many discount sales even before Christmas, probably due to the economic crisis. However, the number of new shops that are opened every day shows that Europeans know how to react and understand what the new opportunities are”.

With an average growth rate of new sellers at 25% per month and a 30% of average monthly sales growth rate, Blomming is closing its first year with success. The more than 45,000 products on sale can be found at the Storefront, a shopping destination that adds to those created by the sellers themselves – their blogs, websites and Facebook Pages. The Blomming Storefront is meant to become a new shopping reference point for creative and unique products, and is where Blomming promotes the most remarkable ideas.

Blomming is opening the Social Commerce to everyone – individuals and small businesses – giving a one-of-a-kind system to sell through blogs, websites, Facebook Pages anywhere in the world, potentially reaching millions of users in a new, social way. Its user-friendly interface and its multilingual features (English, Spanish, Italian), make it the ideal tool both for those who want to express their creativity by selling unique artworks and for any business who wishes to maintain a close relationship with their customers, engaging them on a number of different Social Media, especially Facebook.

Three Shops in One

A unique feature that have been released by Blomming allows the integration of the whole shop into a website or a blog. With the Facebook Store facility and the seller’s shop on Blomming.com, the seller is provided with three synchronised sales channels, all integrated in a single account with centralized management of stock, prices, orders, payments, and messaging systems with the buyers. “Three shops in one”, that is. Here is one example.

JellyLamp: Technology and Design

“The JellyLamp projects started in 2010 as an experiment to test a design that would be funny, ironic, and that would surprise albeit in a simple way. JellyLamp is a series of lamps based on new ways of using materials that are not traditionally employed in lighting. It is an interpretation of design that originates in the research into Italian traditional forms of self-production”. Today these products are sold in many concept stores around the world, and for its online sales JellyLamp uses Blomming’s “Three Shops in One”:

Launched on Dec. 2010, Blomming is one of the first European startups working on Social Commerce. Blomming offers a platform to bridge the traditional e-commerce with the new conversational nature of Social Media, allowing the end user – individual or small businesses – to sell directly or via networks of relationships, and incapsulating e-commerce features in their existing online presence such as websites, blogs and social networks.

Who we are
Blomming has been developed by Nicola Junior Vitto and Alberto D’Ottavi. Only 31 years old, Nicola has a 10 years experience in software engineering and IT management about web, finance and especially e-commerce, where he managed the Product Strategy for big international companies. Alberto has a twenty-years-long experience in digital innovation as a technology journalist, blogger, writer, teacher. In 2010 has been included in Edelman’s Top 1.000 Twitter Tech Influencers Worldwide (http://twitter.com/dottavi). In June 2011 Matteo Cascinari joined the company as partner and CEO, bringing his business expertise as manager and CEO of big italian and international companies.

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